ATI NCLEX Video Review

The videos available were recorded at an ATI NCLEX-RN Live Review. However, content review is consistent whether you’re a PN or RN student, and the Live Review videos are still an excellent resource for you. Specifically, the “Review of Test Taking Strategies” video will be useful, with nuances for RN and PN roles:
  • NCLEX test plan differs related to roles. Click here to view the NCLEX-PN Test Plan.
  • Exam components differ slightly for PN students with:
    • 85 minimum questions
    • 205 maximum questions
    • 25 questions experimental
    • Allotted time five hours


The MobileMentor mobile app is based on the NCLEX-RN Test Plan. However, the app will allow you to customize your quizzes based on NCLEX area, body function and clinical area making it a customizable and useful quiz app for PN students. Helpful tip: "Coordinated Care" for PN students is “Leadership" for RN students.

Ask a Nurse Educator

If you have a specific question related to how the PN role differs from the RN role, please email directly, and an expert nurse educator and member of the Live Review team will answer your question. Please use the subject heading: PN Role.