The countdown is on!

The Next Generation NCLEX launches April 1, 2023, and you need easy-to-use resources to help your students be prepared.

Get started with a presentation of the latest details straight from the NCSBN’s Director of Outreach Jason Schwartz. (More than 1,000 attendees signed on for this live session of "The ATI Talk" — the largest audience Schwartz had ever spoken to about the NGN!)

You’ll also get access to 5 in-depth articles — with helpful infographics you can download — that answer the most important NGN questions on everyone’s mind.

What topics are covered?

  • What is the next big NCLEX change that everyone is talking about?
  • How is the Test Plan changing?
  • How can you avoid being frantic when writing an NGN case study?
  • What is the big reason the NGN centers on the case study?
  • How is the NGN like a pepperoni pizza? (Seriously!)
  • What are some top questions about the NGN?

Simply fill out the form to watch the full video and get access to the easy-to-understand articles and helpful infographics you can download.

P.S. Mark your calendar now Jan. 19, 2023 (2 p.m. CT) for another live edition of "The ATI Talk" featuring Schwartz! He'll have even more up-to-date details on the NGN.